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Now eLearning is becoming a popular method of facilitating instruction, learning management system for schools is a hot topic. With students completing instruction in the classroom, outside of the classroom, and in a number of self-study options, educational institutions need a way to streamline all of this information in one place. A learning management system (LMS) can help minimize the complicated task of tracking training data by housing it in one easy to use software option. As a leading service provider we offer all core learning management features as well as powerful data analytics, communication channels, collaboration tools, and web conferencing. Class facilitators can easily deliver homework, tests, and track grades with managing online and blended classes. Teachers can create classes, send assignments, communicate with students, grade coursework, and post feedback all in one place. Even parents also have access to their children's grades and scores in real-time. They can easily get in touch with teachers to ensure that they are always in sync.

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When you select the services from HTSM Academy is backed up by a team of highly expert professionals. They will help you set transformational goals for your educational institution and then make sure you achieve them. This is not an empty promise. It's an ongoing partnership, committed to proving the value of better customer support.

Create Unlimited number of classes

You can create unlimited number of online classes by integrating with various video conferencing software such as Zoom to simplify online learning and teaching process.

Per class limited to 40 min

With us you can conduct a class of uninterrupted 40 mins. Further extension option is also available.

Per class limited to 100 students

Once you schedule a class it can be conducted with 100 students from various places at the same time.

Can Share unlimited pdf/ word file

Without any restriction you can share unlimited study materials in the form of pdf or word file.

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