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The Benefits Of Video Conferencing

The question is often raised about the benefits of video conferencing and their impact on productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly driven enterprise leaders to rethink the way they operate their businesses. In order to conduct business without disruption, professionals have turned to video conferencing to stay connected with their colleagues and customers.

With the need to social distance and work remotely, video conferencing provides a more personalized approach. It serves as the closest alternative to a face-to-face meeting. Video conferencing provides a forum to enable leadership to relay messages quickly to their employees and address concerns on the spot.

Effective communication is key during this trying time and outside of it to keep businesses running smoothly.

Companies are beginning to realize the numerous advantages of communicating with colleagues in other locations in a visual manner, as well as hearing them clearly. Face to face meetings may be the preferred method of conferencing but in today’s business place, having physical meetings is not always feasible. Using video in a conference is the next best thing and allows individuals and groups in remote locations a more personal interaction than merely being on the phone. Make no mistake; the audio technology must be on a par with the video for clear communication, and any system is only as good as its weakest link.

What Are the Benefits of This Technology?

Flexibility – Regardless of having advanced notice, it is sometimes difficult for all people involved to make a meeting. Inevitably, last minute issues can arise that will prevent some participants from traveling to the meeting. One of the benefits of video conferencing is that a meeting can go on as scheduled, despite unforeseen delays or other issues that may stop people from attending in person.

Ideal for Remote Employees – Video conferencing is a realistic and practical option that permits remote workers to stay in contact and up to speed with current company business. Meetings can be scheduled on short notice, allowing individuals in different locations to brainstorm new ideas and work through problems.

Productivity – A real-time video call is more efficient than an ordinary phone call under most circumstances. Charts, graphs, spreadsheets and more can be displayed for all parties to see and discuss. Visuals will get the point across far more effectively than mere descriptions over the phone.

Cost Savings – Video conferencing eliminates the need for travel expenses such as airline tickets, other travel costs, hotels, and meals. Not having to spend time traveling means the saved time can be spent in more productive ways.

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